How can you find the best dog bed?

You obviously want the best dog pillows for your faithful four-legged friend. With so many options out there, sometimes you can't see the forest in front of the trees. To find out which pillow for a dog is best for you and your dog, we have a few tips.

The best tips for pillows for dogs Above all, it is important that your dog does not lie too much on the mattress. Of course, it is not good if you do not have enough space to rest. But what size is right for your four-legged friend? In all our articles you will find information about the size of the pillow and how the pillow is still suitable. There are always exceptions within races. Dogs and bitches also sometimes differ in height. Do you want to make sure you have bought the right pillows? Kill your dog when he's stretched. Add 15 inches to the measured distance, then you are right.

Mattress thickness is something you can decide for yourself. Also if we advise you not to buy a pillow thinner than 10 centimeters. The thinner the pillow, the easier it is to cool from the ground to the pillow. Your four-legged friend should be pretty soft on a dog pillow, but it should also be a warm place. Plus, it depends on what kind of dog you have. A heavier dog will benefit more from a thicker mattress than a small dog. All our pillows for dogs are +/- 15 centimeters thick.

We believe that a quality pillow for a dog is the ideal place for your dog. Even though the pillow has to fit inside. So choose well which pillow for the dog will look best in your home. Would you go for a round dog pillow, an oval pillow or a rectangular pillow? And which color is the most beautiful? Red, blue, gray or just black? The choice is yours! In addition to design, type is also important. Have you ever thought about an orthopedic pillow for a dog? It is very suitable for dogs with joint problems or other ailments. More information about orthopedic mattresses can be found here.

Material can be important in finding the right pillow for your dog. There are, for example, pillows for dogs made of leather, nylon, corduroy, cotton, etc. What is good about your interior and what material is practical? We describe the properties of our materials below: Nylon: waterproof, easy to clean and move. Corduroy: exceptionally soft, fashionable, withstands loss of sun color. It's much easier to get dirty. Synthetic leather: strong appearance, retains warmth, easily deviates. Nano: resistant to water and dirt, prevents odor, antibacterial.

This is very useful when the dog cushion has a replaceable cover. If the cover needs to be washed, you can easily remove it from the pillow. Plus, it's so nice to change your style, can't you choose between a rubber pillow or nylon? The second cover offers a solution.

Pillows for dogs are usually filled with EPS beads, fibrous filling, polyether surfaces or foam. We mentioned the properties of these materials.

EPS pearls: This is a beautiful material. Due to the heat of the dog, the cushion forms towards the body. EPS beads provide good support, but they are not really orthopedic pillows. If you are buying a pillow with EPS pearls, make sure that there are no used recycled pearls, they are much lower quality. If the filling is damaged, you can easily add it or replace it with new EPS beads.

Fiberfill: This material is very soft and keeps the dog warm. Heat-keeping pillows are beautiful and comfortable for your dog. Fiberfill is strong and has a large amount. This makes it very suitable for pillows for dogs.

Polyether flakes: A pillow for dogs full of flakes is strong in volume and very comfortable. If the pillow is soft, it will return to its original state. Unlike EPS beads, which sometimes sink. Over time, there may be holes.

Foam: A pillow full of foam is usually filled with cold foam. If the pillow is filled with a combination of cold foam and memory foam, we speak of an orthopedic pillow. These pillows provide your dog the most support.


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